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918kiss Plus

918kiss Plus


When it comes to online casinos, the name of 918kiss says it all. Over the years, we have built up a strong reputation for being one of the best and in the industry in Singapore. 91k8kiss plus is another authorised and registered agent among our fleet.

In 918kiss plus you can find a large collection of 130 games, consisting of all time favorites, emphasising on online slot games.


Why Online Slots are Better


Online slots have similarities with traditional casinos, where very often, the same titles available in traditional casinos are also available online. With usual minimum bet per-line of 0.01, is also the same for both. However, that's where the similarities end.


The payouts are often much higher with online slot machines, actually by two-folds or sometimes more. That alone makes online slots much more attractive to players. In addition, you even get a first deposit and reload bonus. This gives players the extra edge on top of the higher pay-outs.


With the up-rising of popularity and growing numbers of tech companies constantly developing new online slot games, it's pretty clear that online slots are here to stay and will most probably keep growing in popularity.

How Online Slots work


There are plenty of myths and misconceptions out there about how online slots work. Let’s take a look at how an online slot machine decides what you get out of your spin.


Basically there will be a computer component referred here as the Random Number Generator (RNG), which creates random sequences. This happens in intervals of a millisecond or less, all the time. They ensure that every spin you make on the online slot machine goes along a random and always different series of numbers. It is also important to know that the RNG works completely independently. This means, it always remains random regardless if you just had a big win, a big loss, how long have you been on the game, or if you have just hit a jackpot. This ensures all the games are carried out fair and just all the time. RNG is certified by the Technical Systems Testing (TST), which also scruitinizes and periodically tests the RNG, giving players a peace of mind to fully enjoy their game.


Online slots come in a huge variety, the number of playlines can be as low as 3, and up to upwards of a 100 paylines. The RNG decides which symbols will appear on each reel every time you spin. The system then immediately calculates the complex mathematics behind your spin result, determining if you have won or hit on any bonus or jackpots according to the fixed fuels of each game. Following this, the system updates your current balance post-game and initiates the bonuses if you have won any.


Bonus & Free Spins


Bonus game is triggered when you hit a certain combination of symbols on specific playlines. This usually leads you to a separate bonus game screen, like a mini arcade game within a game, granting more fun and more rewards. It is usually designed in accordance with the theme of the game with similar designs, and audio visual effects, effectively enhancing your overall gaming experience.


Free spins are another highly sought after feature in online slots. There are quite a number of games which are very generous in this arena where it is common to even gain free spins on top of free spins. This in turn greatly increases your odds to hit a win in the game. There are cases where there are some hidden bonuses in the game which are only accessible during free spins, giving an additional surprise factor.




Jackpots are very common in slot machines. This offers players the opportunity to win big, as the jackpot amount can grow to be very substantial, and often clearly displayed. There are multiple types to jackpots to be won in online slots. Standalone jackpots, progressive jackpots, in-house/network progressive jackpots, and multiplayer progressive jackpots. However, some progressive jackpots are only awarded to maximum bet spins. Thus, it will be a good idea to play on maximum bets to get a shot at the jackpot. You’ll never know if you will be the next jackpot winner.


Win Tips


  • Being so popular, for sure there are a huge number of different slot games available. Knowing the rules of your choice of game is very important. Luckily, they are usually quite easy to understand

  • Check the paylines. In a slot game they can range from 3 to over 100 paylines. The key is knowing what lines generate payouts and how much to bet to activate them.

  • Have patience, don't be easily discouraged if you have been losing for a few rounds. As everything is run on random sequences, who knows, your luck might drastically turn in the coming games.

  • Have a proper bankroll management. Look at your options and plan accordingly. Don't pile all your credits into just a few massive rounds. Choose a game that offers the best with what you have over a good number of rounds.

  • Make good use of free credits, bonus, free spins, etc. These can significantly help you in winning.

  • Choose a theme you enjoy. This greatly enhances your gaming experience. What's the point if there's no fun in a game.


Quick Examples of Games Available


Genie’s Lamp

Genie’s lamp is based on the most popular Oriental fairy tales of all time, Aladdin and the Lamp Genie. The Genie’s Lamp comes in a 5-reel, 50 paylines setup, played on top of a background of an ancient palace, filled with exciting and impressive animation effects throughout the game. The symbols come in the form of the Princess, monkey, parrot, jewel ring, genie, etc. With a genie watching over you as the humble slave boy, win your way into becoming the hero and rescue a sultry princess by defeating an evil sorcerer. Along the way, grab those free spins and bonus games, with the aid of scatter and wild symbols.


The wild symbol will grant you a few wishes by substituting for other symbols, generating extra wins. You will also have a lot of other wishes granted at random times by the Genie. He might cascade your reels, allow re-spins, rewinding reels, morphing reels and stepping reels up, down, left and right to generate winning lines. If you're lucky, he might also award you with mystery wins which sometimes even comes multipliers.

Look out for Free Spin symbols while you're at it, as 3 or more of these will trigger anything from 10-30 free spins, allowing you to further piling up those wins, during which all prizes won are tripled!


So immerse yourself into the theme, keep wishful thinking, and rub that lamp!


Thundering Buffalo

Thundering Buffalo is inspired by the extremely rare white buffalo, revered by the Native Americans of the Lakota Sioux tribe. Born white out of the the odds of 1 in over 10 million buffalo calves, it is indeed extremely rare. To the Native Americans, a white buffalo enjoys a status as high if not higher than a white elephant for the Thais. Legend has it that a tribe hungry and exhausted of food, sent two young hunters to explore for food. They met a woman advising them to go back to camp and educated the tribe about the nature of the universe and the mysteries of the land. She then turned into a white calf and left, before they were suddenly surrounded with herds of buffaloes.


The game features 5 reels with a unique 3-4-5-4-3 row system, and 720 ways to win, topped with plenty of exciting free spins and bonuses. Betting range is from 0.5 to 500 coins a spin, which you can freely adjust on the increasing the tab settings, players can increase their bets and vice versa. You can also make use of the AutoPlay mode, activating up to 25 automated spins on the same bet, which can be disabled manually at any time or when the auto spins finishes.


Free spin will be triggered when Free Spins icons land on connecting reels. They can be triggered again during free spins and accumulate up to 240 spins. The Wild icons only land on reel 2 and 4, replacing any symbols except for the Fire Scatter icon. Scatters will trigger double your stakes, while if you manage to collect 5 of them, the stakes will be increased by 50x. The white buffalo on the other hand, can ramp up your stakes to a whooping 1000x if you manage to get 5 of them!


Enjoy the thunderous sound effect with the grand canyon as your background, and spin on!

SGWIN hopes to taking you to try out the extraordinary special game moment. We also hope that you can provide any comments to us, because your comments will bring us the opportunity to improve. Thank you for browsing our website. And wish you good luck with all time.

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