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The download provided by SGW1N. And Live22 download support for all IOS and Android device. All installation guide will be show on download site. If facing any problem of this page or link cannot go thru, please contact our 24hour customer services.

The Original Slot Machine 

According to the "Original Slot Machine", slot machines were originally used for so-called vending machines and gambling equipment in the private sector. Until the 20th century, the progress of the times people called "fruit machines" to be slot machines. That is the nickname we have seen that has evolved into a single-armed slot machine.

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​Slot Machines Making A New Business

With the progress of the times, slot machines have evolved into a business opportunity. Casinos around the world have begun to diversify slot machines, allowing players to experience a new interface and enjoy fresh gameplay. However, these are unavoidable evolutions. The demands of the market are constantly improving the changes in life. The changes are slowly changing. With all the slot machines, they have become the gambling equipment that every casino in the world must have.

Live22 New Generation Online Slot Machine Launched 

When slot machines are frequently innovated all over the world, the emergence of Live22 has changed the interest of players. Because Live22 provides a mobile phone download program that allows players to play all the time, and also can log in on the web page to enjoy the visual feeling of big videos. Under the leadership of Live22, the slot machine window machine has a new 3D interface, so that all animations have a very special beauty, so that players can feel different slot machines. Live22 official also provides 24-hour online customer service, allowing players to solve all queries. It is clear that SGWIN has not hesitated to reach a cooperation model with Live22 official, so Singapore has also become our first authorized agent of SGWIN to provide Live22 frequency channel.


SGWIN hopes to taking you to try out the extraordinary special game moment. We also hope that you can provide any comments to us, because your comments will bring us the opportunity to improve. Thank you for browsing our website. And wish you good luck with all time.

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