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The download provided by SGW1N. And KING855 download support for all IOS and Android device. All installation guide will be show on download site. If facing any problem of this page or link cannot go thru, please contact our 24hour customer services.

KING855 Live Casino

KING855 Live Casino


Officially registered in 2011, KING855 has grown to be one of the very best Live Online Casinos in Singapore. Here you will be sure to find your favorite games in a high quality and professional manner. Backed up by a state-of-the-art security system and 24 hour customer service, you can rest assured you are safe and well taken cared of with us. All these are now available at your fingertips, ready to test your luck and strategy on live table games, anytime, anywhere you wish.


For a real casino game player, table games are where they go to test their strategy and luck. Be it  baccarat, roulette, blackjack, poker, bull, sicbo, etc., we have them all here on one platform. You can even chat live at the table, giving you the ultimate live gaming experience.


What makes KING855 one of the best?

Constantly committed to maintaining an excellent platform is the key to why KING855 was able to uphold our high reputation in the vast online gaming world of today. We strongly emphasis on the following 6 key criterias as the very core of our service:

Safety and security

  • We are an officially authorized and licenced agent, providing games conduction by professionally trained dealers. Our system is fully encrypted and backed-up by state-of-the-art technologies to maintain the highest level of safety to both your money and personal data.

Game Selection

  • We offer a wide range of game variants. No matter what your favorite is in a casino, you are sure to be able to find a live table here. Rest assured that regardless of the large list of options, all of the games are conducted at the same, highest level of professionalism. We offer other variety of games as well, under their respective categories waiting for you to explore.


  • On our main page in the interface, you will find that we run promotions or bonuses all the time, sometimes even in the form of Angpao. Make sure you take them to your full advantage of them.

Banking Options

  • We offer multiple banking methods with maximum and minimum limits. You are free to pick whichever that is best that is suitable and most convenient to you.

24hour customer service

  • Our customer service team is available 24hours a day, 365 days a year through multiple channels. You can choose to connect with us via Live chat, Whatsapp or Telegram at any time, even in the middle of gaming.

Device Optimization

  • You can freely access your favourite live table games via PC or smartphone from anywhere and anytime you wish. If you don't like downloading apps, you can even play directly on your browser. Just log-in with your ID and you are good to go.


Win Tips in a Live Casino

Play with a Reputable Live Casino

  • Naturally, the most important key here iis to play with a reputable casino to ensure your games are safe and fair. Since you are here, congratulations! You can rest assured that you have found one. All our dealers are professionally certified and are scrutinized all the time by expert third-party experts.

Ensuring Enough Bandwidth

  • Since everything is live, players expect seamless live streaming and an impeccable game play. Therefore it is not possible if the player has not enough bandwidth. Luckily in most places today, this shouldn't be an issue. However, if you are in certain areas where bandwidth might be an issue, always check if your internet connection is good enough for smooth gaming. This ensures that you will not encounter freezing of the live stream or getting disconnected in critical moments.

Avoid Chasing Losses

  • Chasing losses is one of the most common mistakes especially in novice players. The general idea of visiting a live casino is to have fun and hopefully make some money at the same time. However winning and losing is the nature of the game. If the lucky lady is not on your side, it might be a good idea to switch to other games or come back another day.

Knowing When to Stop

  • Similar to chasing losses, sometimes winning players might get greedy and carried away. If you have been winning but start to see a change of luck at the table, it is advisable to switch or leave the table before you start losing everything, maybe even including your initial credit.

Play With a Strategy

  • You can increase your winning odds if you play with a good gaming strategy. Regardless of the game of your choice, you should always start with a strategy in mind. This greatly helps your game, as well as helping you in planning your next move. A prefixed budget is also a good idea.

Casino Etiquette

  • Live table servers more than one player and you are able to chat live in the game. It is advisable to treat other players and dealers with respect. Abusive language or promoting something else is prohibited.

Organising Time

  • Like any game, gambling in a live casino might make you lose track on time. Thus it is very important to dedicate a certain amount of time to gaming. This might also help you avoid losing what you might have won during your session.

Have Fun

  • We cannot emphasize this enough. Players sometimes get so caught up in the game too worried about how much they are winning or losing and forget the actual fun part of the whole process. So relax and fully enjoy your game.


Live Dealer Baccarat

Baccarat, high rollers’ game, was one of the first games offered in online casinos in Live Dealer format. With a single dealer on a table who can cater to many players, it's natural fitting. Generally tables offer standard returns for Banker (0.95.1), Player (1.1) and Tie (8.1). However, these can vary on different style baccarat tables. Some might also offer No Commission and super 6 Baccarat, with slightly different pay structure. A unique feature of side-betting is also included, where you can place extra bets to predict big or pairs, on either banker or player side independently, granting higher wins.


In each of the games there will be a manu button on top right of your screen, You will find the setting table where you can check and adjust all the audio and visual settings to your liking. You can also find complete rules of the specific game, theoretical returns, and details of side bets offered.


There are different deal types offered too, mainly standard and speed baccarat. Speed Baccarat is perfect for players who are looking to get maximum betting opportunities in their gaming session. The game is dealt at a much faster pace compared to standard and you will be able to get in a lot more rounds in the same time frame. But no matter which version you choose, Live baccarat is basically a simple game with low strategy needs.

Live Dealer Roulette


As live casinos are rapidly becoming a popular choice of today’s players, Live Dealer Roulette brings together the best of the traditional casino, coupling it with digital experience. While all bets and computing is organized electronically, the human dealer is retained and streamed live. The game runs at the same pace as the live video stream as if you are right there, giving a big boost of authenticity, enjoyable no matter where you are and at any time you like.


The roulette wheel includes numbers from 0 to 36, in either red or black background. Your objective of the game is to predict if the ball will fall on the number or color of your choice. You can even bet on whether it will fall on an even or odd number. Simply place your bet on one or more of these options and let watch the ball roll.

To bet on numbers, here is a simple guide on how to place your bet:

Straight up

  • Placed directly on a single number

Split bet

  • Placed on the line between any two numbers, vertical or horizontal

Street bet

  • Placed at the end of any row of numbers, a street covers 3 numbers

Corner bet

  • Placed at the corner where 4 numbers meet, all 4 numbers are covered

Line bet

  • Place your chips at the end of 2 rows on the intersection between them, both rows will be covered with a total of 6 numbers.

KING855 Live Casino
KIN855 Bacarrat

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