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The download provided by SGW1N. And Mega888 download support for all IOS and Android device. All installation guide will be show on download site. If facing any problem of this page or link cannot go thru, please contact our 24hour customer services.

MEGA888 Began In 2018

Mega888 began as a firm basead in Singapore, and was founded in 2018 in response to the rise in e-games. Back then the company offered e-games sites build those casino games on mobile version platform, a fairly visionary move at the time. Their initial product was very successful, but they soon realized that a large number of their gamblers were not only interested in the slot games on our platform also interesting to further cooperate with us commercially. Therefore, we created a software development department and develop agent back-end platform provided with them. With a set of revolutionary Java-based games, they obtained a casino license at Pagcor and began to build an empire. Mega888 were extremely well placed to enter this market because their experiences in gaming R&D had taught them a lot about casino games, especially  develop of mobile casino games download program. 


Mega888's software is audited by Certified Fair Gaming, a third party company that assesses whether games are fair and honest. It's a gruelling process – the logs from all their major games are analysed every month to make sure everything is above board that there's been no cheating – but it's worth it because it inspires player confidence. The results of these monthly analyses are typically available on their casinos' websites for players to view.


The Mega888 library includes 10 tables games and over 80 kinds of slot machines. In a move to stay ahead of the competition, their slot games cater for a wide variety of skill levels to ensure they appeal to beginner players, but their offering for avid gamblers is equally impressive. Mega888 slots offer multi-line payouts and wild symbols, and there are 5 networked progressive jackpots that routinely pay out in the millions. Their innovative designs won them the “Top Casino Software” award in 2019, a prestigious industry recognition.

One area where Mega888 casino shines is their focus on multi-player tournament play - nearly all of their games can be played in tournament mode, which brings players flocking to their casinos. They offer a high number of regular monthly tournaments with guaranteed prizes, plus a number of “free roll” tournaments so that new players can learn the ropes.

In spite of the shaky legal future their doors remain open to players from the Singapore, which means there is always a lot of action at a Mega888 online casino.

SGWIN hopes to taking you to try out the extraordinary special game moment. We also hope that you can provide any comments to us, because your comments will bring us the opportunity to improve. Thank you for browsing our website. And wish you good luck with all time.

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