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The download provided by SGW1N. And ACE333 download support for all IOS and Android device. All installation guide will be show on download site. If facing any problem of this page or link cannot go thru, please contact our 24hour customer services.

Introduction ACE333

Ace333 is a leading online casino in Singapore, officially registered in 2011. Since then it has been one of the top online gaming providers in the industry. We offer a large array of impressive games, safe and convenient credit & payment options, and a proper 24hour customer service. You can reach us easily anytime via Live chat, Whatsapp or Telegram. We strive to provide an enjoyable, convenient and most importantly safe platform for our players.


Being an Authorized international online casino operator, we offer a large collection of impressive and very popular games. Especially if you are a slot enthusiast, you will be sure to find what you might be looking for here. We offer many other games too, here are some of the categories: Slot, arcade, table, fishing, live, and multiplayer. All together, there are well over 100 games to choose from. Download now and start winning!

History of slot machine

Throughout the years, slot machines have always been and still are very popular among gamers, making it a compulsory presence in any casino worldwide. Nothing beats the joy of slot games. Slot machine was invented in 1891 in Brooklyn, New York, byt Sittman and pitt. The symbols are based on poker and have a face of 5 drums consisting of 50 card faces. It became very popular in man bars in the city. Players need to insert a nickel and pull a lever to play and the prizes are usually free beer, cigars or drinks depending on what combination of cards you get from the game. Over the years it went through many changes like using symbols instead of just cars, rules, appearance and winning combinations. In the late 1900s, with the advancement of digital technologies, slot machines became digitized with a screen display and able to automatically calculate winnings. Soon after it is even available online as online slot machines which you can enjoy practically anytime, anywhere.


Online slot machines

We offer slot games with the ultimate authentic feel as if played on a machine in a casino with impressive audio and visual effects. On top of it, there are plenty of free spins, jackpots, and bonuses waiting for you. So download now and start playing!


Win tips:

With so many variations of slots available, knowing the rules will be crucial. But no worries, they are actually quite simple. The important tip is to check the paylines on the game you choose to play. Slot machines usually come with 3 reels or more, resulting in multiple playlines. You need to pay attention to what lines will generate a payout, and how much to bet to activate as many play lines as possible, to obtain the optimum payout odds. Adjust your play according to these and you should do just fine.


Popular game examples :



Pure Gold is a long time classic in slot games. It comes with an impressive red and gold styling scheme and exciting audio with a touch of class. Coupled with generous bonus, free games and jackpot, making it one of the favourites from our long list of slot games. Another point making it stand out is due to the very tempting four tier jackpot, which many players will go after.



Pure Gold comes with 5 reels and a combination of ample win lines. Main aim in this game will be the standalone progressive jackpot. Unlike jackpots on many slot games, many games are linked to a single jackpot. Standalone progressive jackpot increases based solely on this game alone. There are also mini jackpots and a Grand Jackpot, making it much more exciting. On top of all that, the game is also loaded with stacked wild cards, mixed pay symbols, plenty of free spins and twin spins. In fact you could find yourself with up to 40 Twin Spins in this game, resulting in bringing more lines into play for much bigger prizes. All these features ensure that even if the jackpot never comes your way, you will still never be short of a couple of wins.



5 Dragon Deluxe is a long time favourite, based on a theme of Asian mythology. The design is loaded with exciting sounds and bursting fire action! The game consists of 5 reels, 3 symbol rows and 25 pay lines. It offers a big array of wild cards, scatters free spins and bonuses. Getting 3 or more scattered circles triggers additional bonus rounds. In bonus rounds, wild dragons can increase the prize by 2, 3 or 5 times while wilds’ multipliers grant 10, 20 or 30 times.

Line wins in the game usually multiply by the bet amount on winning payline. Wins on different lines will be added. All the paying symbols must be on an active payline and successive reels starting from far left. Only the highest line will be paid on every payline. You may win multiple scatter symbols during the game, and winning from scatter symbols will be paid in addition to reel wins. Dragon icon will be busted into the fire if you hit a winning combination. The key symbols here are the kois.




Highway Kings is inspired by a movie in the 80’s, starring Patrick Swayze. This road-themed online slot uses simple cartoonish symbols instead of playing card symbols. Full of retro feel, the symbols and graphics are colourful and attractive, with everything sticking closely to the theme. Watch out for scatter and wild symbols, they can easily multiply your winnings if they fall on the right playlines. Get behind the wheels now and break it down!


The reel face consists of 11 symbols, representing multiple pay values. They include a steering wheel, tyre, bolt, gas pump, gas cans, jump lead, and 3 different trucks. The trucks are in green, yellow and red. Combinations of 3 or above grants pay out, and some symbols even grants it at 2 combinations. The wild card here will be the red truck, which pays 2 credits for a single symbol on the reel face. Overall, the pay-table is generous in this game.



Silver bullet is a slot game with 5 reels and 9 paylines, based on a western wild west theme. The symbols include horses, dollar bills, horseshoes, smoking pipes, carriage wheels, barbecue sauce bottles, cannonballs, six-shooters, cowboy hats, lucky sevens, sheriff badges and barrels. It might sound complex, but it is a total classic slot game. With impressive visuals and audio similar to the old Road Runner cartoons, it is indeed going to be a fantastic gaming experience.

You can choose to play as many lines you want in accordance to the value range, or also just press “Max Bet” to maximize all available playing lines and press “spin” to start the game. In Silver Bullet there will be 3 main special features being the scatter symbol, the dollar ball, and wild symbol. The sheriff badge will be the Wild and can stand in for any other symbols to generate a winning combination. Scatter bonus will be provided by the six-shooter, giving your extra wins.
The dollar Ball acts as a side-bet which you can bet additional credit per spin. With the side bet, you can choose a number between 1 to 49, and you are able to change the number each spin or just continue on the same number. The system will pick 5 random numbers, if you can guess all 5 of them you win the Dollar Ball Jackpot. Dollar Ball Jackpot is definitely the game changer here if you manage to get it.


SGWIN hopes to taking you to try out the extraordinary special game moment. We also hope that you can provide any comments to us, because your comments will bring us the opportunity to improve. Thank you for browsing our website. And wish you good luck with all time.

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